European Forestry Nursery Association

Representing the views of the forest nursery industry in Europe


The purpose of this site is to keep European forest nurserymen up-to-date with maters which may be raised at its annual meetings including amending and changes in legislation. It is actively involved in consultations emerging from the European Commission such as changes to the legislation on the Marketing of Forest Reproductive Material (FRM) and the new Plant Health Regulation. It is also a quick reference point for Suppliers’ documents from each country.



The role of the Association is to represent and defend the interests of the private nursery sector on all matters including EU legislation.





Membership of EFNA is confined to any professional forest nursery trade association of a European Country. Any such organisation in a member country can apply to join EFNA. It also represents state owned producers of forest seed and plants provided the latter are members of that country’s nursery trade organisation. Currently the annual subscription is based upon the number of delegates who participate, with each organisation appointing as many as it wants, up to a maximum of five delegates.


The History of E.F.N.A

EFNA was originally constituted in 1962 as the Committee of Forest Nurseries in the European Community later European Union to represent the views of the private forest nursery sector during the preparation of the first Forest Reproductive Material Directive, in 2018 members agreed to expand further to include any European Country.  It met several times per year in early times but more recently has met annually, laterally in member countries when not in Brussels.  The Committee changed its name in 2005 to its current name. A full history of the Committee/Association is available in the following pdf.